Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Pi Day tomorrow !

I’m home ! I was back in Chez Insanity about 11:30am, just in time for a takeout lunch with my guys. It felt good to sit in my little Salon again – but my butt was a bit bruised from the hospital bed. Happens every time. 

I was in and out during the surgery itself, and only remember bits of it. I was awake just long enough after it to text Beloved Hubby and M & FIL, then I slept for two hours. My left arm’s in a sling, even though it’s not damaged at all, but the risk of the damage raising it over my head for the next seven days is so great, I’m gladly wearing it. The site hurts a lot, like a bruise, especially when I touch it, but it’s so strange to feel the shape of the device beneath my skin, I keep doing it anyway. 

The VA got new TVs, and no directions whatsoever on how to get them and the new cable/internet package to work. I didn’t know that, I hit buttons on the keyboard interface until I got fuzzy cable and my choice of several On Demand movies. Ended up watching The Green Mile  on AMC and Maleficent On Demand. I really enjoyed Maleficent. Angelina Jolie rocked and ruled, and looked so beautiful flying, you honestly believed Maleficent actually had wings.  Aurora and Philip could have been pretty cardboard cutouts. Showed several nurses what I did to get what I got, and I think several rooms got Green Mile, too. It was rather complicated, honestly – and most of the time when you’re in hospital, you don’t want anything over-involved, you just want an easy distraction. 

That said, I got to see this site on the big TV ! Yup, I even got the internet to work, but it was sort of tiring, so I didn’t use it much. Wasn’t there that long anyway. 

They fed me well, delicious cheesy lasagna with carrot cake for supper Thursday and a plain omelet and hash browns with farina for breakfast today. As usual, beds are at a premium at the VA, so I was glad to be vacating mine for another veteran so soon. I kept falling asleep sitting, but it was just too painful to lie down. 

Tonight’s gonna be interesting…

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