Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We're Bored Wednesday

Got an invitation to a machine embroidery workshop of sorts – it’s mostly a sponsored ‘come try & buy these products, we’ll give you $10. worth of stuff you either already have or don’t even want for a $30. fee’ tour at a local rather expensive sewing machine shop. Same one that sold me a $15. ‘guaranteed replacement’ power cord for Brody… that I found on eBay for $5., shipping included. Guess how they get that the ten tip videos (probably equivalent to what I can find for free on YouTube) are worth $500. – they have strange pricing ideals. It’s billed as a ‘Social’ – guess I’m still a hermit. I’d much rather take that $30. and buy half my Etsy design wish list ! Yes, I totaled it. And that doesn’t include the patterns and fabrics and other misc. on there.

But it’s more fun to buy one or two at a time, when they go on sale. Heck, I bought one the other day that’s been on my list for months. That shop hardly ever has a sale, and I’m not ready for the designs yet – wasn’t before the surgery, either – but I like saving a buck or two when I can. It’s how I can afford the next one !

I think I’ll try to sew Friday… three more weeks of this – no car, arm in a sling, limited motion – without some creative outlet, and I’ll go nutz ! Well, more nutz.

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