Monday, March 30, 2015

My barefoot Timey Tell #2 gets new shoes !

Dang, I can feel the edge of my ICD, just where my chest becomes my armpit, and it itchesssss….. It’s not the suture though, that’s nearly healed up. Trying not to scratch. (grin) I had an appointment with my primary care doctor today, just a post-hospitalization check, it’s required, but it was cancelled, ‘cause she had a doctor appointment of her own !  

Spent a good chunk of the day the usual Monday way – cleaning up from the wreckage of the weekend. I couldn’t even put a bowl of cereal down anywhere on the Arena this morning, it was so cluttered with felt and thread and notes and dolls. Gosh, I love creative disaster areas ! I happily tidied up, knowing I’d mess it up again later. 

Beloved Hubby was home early, so we had a late lunch/early dinner of pizza, and I got set up to make another pair of doll shoes – this time, to see how they fit Timey Tell. While I was told from my earliest years that pink and red clash, it was fairly typical to see those colors together on dolls of the 70s. Besides, I wanted to use as much as I could of the small spool of red, one of the eight spools of Mettler I bought shortly after getting Brody back in ’09, a couple months before getting the glorious Madeira Treasure Chest. Yes, I did experiment with regular thread first. Brody didn’t seem to mind working with heavier-than-expected stuff, but once I saw how much better embroidery thread looked, I never looked back. 

But first, Beloved wanted to get a few groceries, so off we went. I snagged seven more sheets of felt – Mal-Wart had colors and patterns Hancock Fabrics lacked – and an eight-pound bag of Red Delicious apples. I’ll eat fruit if it’s available, and we haven’t been buying it, so my taste for chips and crackers has roared through my psyche. Time to beat it back down, with juicy, sweet apples. I’m so going back for oranges soon. 

I saw Frozen yogurt, Frozen water, and pseudo-Frozen chicken soup. I have to say ‘pseudo’ , because while Anna and Elsa were the only characters pictured on the can, the ‘fun pasta shapes’ were actually mish-mash of all currently popular Disney Princesses and a few props. Sneaky Campbell’s ! 

Once home, I stitched up the doll shoes I’d started and enjoyed a fantastic apple. And the shoes fit Timey great ! A cheep sheet of felt (about 23¢ or so around here) makes three shoes with some scraps for smaller projects, so colors I want for shoes for both Timey and the DP&M girls, I have to buy two of !

Well, it’s late, and we have Game Day tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about having a social life again… but going is all about Dearest Son, not me.

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  1. Hello from Spain: Fabulous new shoes. Lovely. Keep in touch