Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's too big to be a tiara, so here's Elsa's new crown !

First of the month’s gonna be busy. I’ll get to order my MLP Build-A-Bear Luna and a pretty, non-molded-blouse Anna, thanks to my Pinecone survey funds. I’ll be broke all month (if it’s all still available in a week), but it’ll be worth it ! 

While the Frozen Fever Anna also doesn’t have molded clothes – I really hate that, even paint-only swimsuits ! – I confess, I don’t really like her smile. It’s almost as goofy as Mattel’s first Elsa’s grin. The Disney Store FF is nice, but she’s only in a two-pack with Elsa, and I love the Elsa I already have. So I picked out the Anna I like most, ‘wish listed’ it on our Amazon account, and the wait begins. It’s so nice to have what you want all picked out and decided. 

Wasn’t feeling too good last night, just a general bleah, nothing specific. We all went to bed early. So I finished up Elsa’s crown (it’s too big, in my opinion, to be a tiara anymore) this afternoon. Looks pretty good, if a bit too big for her. Instead of sewing the elastic to the tiara, I folded and ironed the ‘spare’ felt down, cut it to fit, and sewed a casing, so the elastic can move and stretch freely. I may go for a smaller size in this soon. And I’ll either snip the elastic and add longer elastic for me to wear Elsa’s crown – or make one for me ! 

We’re expecting a big storm tonight, and it’s already starting. Lightning and dimming lights. I went out to the backyard to get a photo of the blossoming trees before the storm reduced them to bare twigs again, and the wind blew so hard, I was caught in a literal snowflurry of petals. So pretty…

Update : Looks like as-yet-unofficial F2 tornado touched down in OldTown ! Followed almost the same path as the last two, just not as severe. Zero warning this time. There’s damage, but no serious injuries have been reported yet. Already texted M&FIL, they’re fine. What a night !

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  1. Glad you guys made it through the storm okay, I wondered how bad things got out that way. It missed us too, thank goodness.