Monday, March 16, 2015

Get'cher green ready !

Sorry, ya’ll. This week’s entries are gonna be short and boring. Can’t drive = no shopping. Broke = no buying. Healing = can’t sew. Can’t raise one arm = really fuzzy photos. And I’m nowhere near skilled enough to make ‘loaded up the dishwasher and finished up yesterday’s leftovers for lunch’ at all interesting for a solid week. 

But I learned that just because I can’t do much, it’s wrong to think I can’t do anything. I actually got a lot of general after-weekend tidy work done, mostly ‘cause I was bored and took it one pair of floor-socks at a time. Tomorrow I’ll try to cook dinner, I somehow hinked my back up, and it’s hurt all day. I took a nice nap this afternoon, and discovered, to my delight, that the site bruises are already turning yellow. While I doubt I’ll heal that fast, it’s still most encouraging.

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