Thursday, March 19, 2015

And my Dr. loved my 'bandage' shirt ! She called a couple others in to see it !

Guess who drove herself and Dearest Son to her follow-up VA appointment in the City ? Me ! Guess who’s healing ahead of schedule, took good care of herself and the implant, and can drive, shower, sew and embroider now, long as she still doesn’t lift much and keeps her left arm down a couple more weeks ? Same chick whose ICD is working perfectly, her EEG looks like it was machine-stitched, and doesn’t have another appointment until May !  And she no longer has staples, but the stitches are still there.

She also made everyone breakfast, and enjoyed a quick prowl through OldTown thrift shop, where Dearest found a 5-CD changer stereo and speakers for less than $20. – and it works ! I found a floor-length long-sleeved deep green velvet dress. It fits like a sack, but the fabric is glorious, so I’ll have to remake it into something. For $1.48, it was a great deal. There’s probably at least three yards here. 

That said, I’m still planning a visit to Hancock Fabrics Saturday. I want some felt, and there’s a ‘15% off ‘ coupon in the mailer. Normally, I’d just buy felt sheets, but I like the bolt felt better, so I’m getting some of that, probably several colors in quarter-yards. Or even eighth-yards, since most of it is for embroidery, and my entire hoop is 4x4 inches, max. I can get up to ten colors and still be in budget ! 

For now, though… (yawn) I was up early to get everything – including a bird-bath in the sink and a hair wash with the kitchen sprayer – done, and I never sleep well before medical appointments. Plus, it’s rained since lunch, is still raining now, and was foggy this morning. It’s a perfect sleeping day ! 

PS – Guess who’s also wearing a bra ? J

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