Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I Made A Feltie !

Today started off briskly with an e-mail from Mattel – the new ‘Haunted’ line of characters was on sale at Target, online only. Ten bucks for the new guy, I’m there ! Too bad it was one day only, and all four dolls were out of stock by 9am. And the mail didn’t even arrive ‘til after 7. Oh, well.

Found m’self kvetching and delaying and online shopping to avoid Brody and embroidering like I said I’d do this afternoon – it’s been a long time, and I still worry about the suture – so I took a breath and made it happen. It was a small ‘feltie’ design, only two colors, and surely something I wanted to make, a tiara for my Elsa doll ! The official DP&M  dress I bought off eBay didn't come with either shoes or crown. ‘Felties’ are new to me, perhaps they became popular during my two year hiatus. Depending on the designer, they stitch out in felt (no hems !) and are cut out to either glue to a hair clip or slide over a headband. Most are small and make perfect designs for sixth-scale clothes, or are big enough to put on a person shirt. Just because it’s designed for felt, doesn’t mean they have to be stitched on it ! I like felties, they tend to be stitched instead of appliqued, and they’re usually inexpensive, as they’re small and cute. However, I tend to draw the line at grinning peanut butter sandwiches, but it’s not like they’re all made just for me personally to buy.  And there’s lots out there I do like !

Decided to repeat the second thread color, so I could attach a back that hid most of the ‘gemstone’ stitches. That was new to me, too, ‘floating’ a back piece. The design didn’t stand out quite as much with just the one thread, it tends to sink into the felt, so I’m glad it worked out so well. I’ll probably sew it to an elastic band later tonight, so you may see it finished on Elsa tomorrow. Next time I go out, I hope to find some plastic combs, see if I can hand-sew the next one to one of them. You know I’m going to do one with ‘emeralds’ !

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