Friday, March 6, 2015

I can still sew ! Sort of. Amazing !!

Guess who finally got motivated and made something ? True, it’s not very good, and is kind of screwed up – thank Everything the thread is such a close match to the thrift store fabric scrap, so you can’t readily see how awful uneven the stitching is ! – but it’s actually wearable by a doll, so it’s not a complete waste of time and materials ! 

Wish I’d had more of this material. I’d have loved to make the skirt a little more full and ruffly. As it was, I used nearly all of it, and had to angle my cut to get the skirt as long and gathered as it is. It doesn’t show much in the photo, but it’s very tight, the strap is way too narrow, and the armhole is too small, but I think I did pretty well with a pattern designed as an evening gown for a 50s 14-inch doll. I’d show you what it’s supposed to look like, but it makes my dress look so very much worse than it is, and I rather like how it turned out. 

The darts don’t really shape the fabric but they do add visual interest, so I’ll redraw them when I add some to the side seams. I’ll see what that does to the armhole before I go after that, too. I’ve learned the hard way to alter only one fault at a time, because sometimes fixing one thing repairs another.

Frozen Fever Elsa arrived today ! She. Is. Gorgeous !!! I’m so happy to have her – now I can keep Disney Store Elsa in-box and have fun with this pretty girl ! I don’t know why her bodice is so determinedly off-center – all of them are – when the preview dress looks centered, but it’s very pretty. I like seeing her in something besides blue, although I think the big pink flowers are a bit much.

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  1. Oh wow, your Frozen Fever Elsa arrived the same day mine did! She's just gorgeous, isn't she? I love that they actually made her beautiful shoes.