Wednesday, March 4, 2015

But... I thought this was *spring* Elsa ! What's with all this snow ?

Rumors of an expected massive evening snowstorm swirled about today, so Dearest Son and I were up and at ‘em early. Ironically, we were out of milk, and ended up buying bread – Dollar Tree had some awesome loaves today ! – but supplies were good, since I think people have learned not to panic-buy. I don’t know why anyone ever did, when it’s a rarity for any part of the state to be snowed in for more than 24 hours. 

Made good on my promise to take him to the Library, and print out five images of his choice. What can I say, our Library’s color printers are amazing, and at only 30¢ a page, very affordable ! He found some comics he wanted to borrow, I snagged a few sewing books, and we all left happy, once we figured out that the self-checkout device was acting up. Embarrassing when the alarm goes off, but you have the receipt still in-hand. Last place I’d dream of ripping off, the Library !

About 3pm, the grey-white sky delivered the promised snow. And it wasn’t a light powdering, it was the whole can of powder in one dump ! And it kept coming ! The early snow melted quickly and froze on the roads, right at rush hour. Local news was going insane. You’d have thought a tornado touched in the middle of downtown. Beloved Hubby’s crew wrapped up early, he was home about an hour after it started. What a relief ! Even then, the roads were ice, so I think he’s home tomorrow. They’ve already closed schools. 

I really don’t think Elsa’s gonna arrive tomorrow. Fine with me, I’d hate for someone to get hurt so I’ll get a doll on time !

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