Saturday, March 21, 2015

Text to Beloved Hubby : ‘We’re home. You’re broke.’

Actually, we only went to a local grocer’s to cherry-pick specials, to Dollar Tree for the usual fare, and Hancock Fabrics for felt – but we got a ton of stuff ! And for once, I got out of Hancock’s for less than $15., will wonders ever cease !

Went to Hancock’s first, as there’s nothing there for us that would melt or go bad. A quick comparison showed the bolt felt and the sheet felt was about the same, so I got a stack of sheets in many colors and only went for the bolts on the colors I thought I’d use a lot of – white, black, beige, brown. Decided I wanted to make this sewing machine pocket pad, to muffle vibration and keep all three from sliding, so I snagged the beige 'Home Decor Remnant' canvas. I thought for sure the store would reclaim the nice big brass safety pin at the register, but it’s mine now ! The pinstriped burgundy is so soft, I couldn’t keep my hands off it, and got half a yard. It’ll make some great suiting. They had it in grey and black too. Maybe next time.  And the $1.69 mini clipboard is just perfect for my larger dolls. Oh, and it’s not in the photo, but a few weeks ago, I got a fat quarter tube of underwear print fabric in teal – today I got the same design, but in pink. Their tubes are 99¢ this week. And a 15% off coupon saved me a bit more. Dearest Son scored a bag of M&M’s – his choice – for his patience during the hour-long ordeal. 

From there, it was time for DTree ! I got the shelf liner for my pocket pad project (judicious cutting will keep that material cost to just a buck), bread, a package of hair accessories, and the pretty Disney Princess stickers, but was a disappointment on much of the rest. Dearest didn’t find his usual popcorn, they were out of clams and generic tater tots, and the collectable sticker display was completely gone. Never did find it. 

We did better at the grocery store. Got everything we went for – yaaay, breakfast link sausages and generic grated cheese on sale ! – and Dearest chose a frozen pizza for lunch. I got the canned ravioli I occasionally crave. Took us two trips to get it all in the house. I was a little tired, but glowing with the fun of the day. 

Got the two new fabrics cheap-serged and ready for the wash, so that counts as sewing ! I learned that winding bobbins puts my arm pretty close to the limit, so I still have to be careful. But tomorrow we sew – and hopefully embroider !

Beloved Hubby and I are currently on a one-month trial for Kindle Unlimited, a $10./month subscription service for Kindle books. I’ve already found a Star Wars series I like that may well be fanfiction, but is really good ! I also found a few dozen fairy tale books I wanna check out. I’m kind of hoping we keep it. We’ll probably save two months’ subscription fees in overdue Library book fees. 

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  1. Dorrie, have you read the new(ish) Star Wars novel "A New Dawn" yet? I picked it up and loved it! It also ties in to the Star Wars: Rebels tv series, so if you guys are watching it you might like the backstory. :D