Monday, March 9, 2015

I actually am still alive, sort of...

Sorry, everyone. It’s been a heckuva couple weeks, and I may actually have been in the middle of a bit of a depression – it’s hard to tell when you’re in or out of the pit when the walls don’t change. But I am feeling better, and I’ve kind of been writing off and on, so I’ll post when I can.

Right now, I’m preparing for Thursday’s surgery – far as I know, the pacemaker implant is still a go. I have a spate of appointments Wednesday to go to, and I guess if I pass them all, we’re going for it. Really nervous and kind of scared, even though I have utter faith in my medical professionals, one and all. I just hate not being in control of everything, you know ? I think that’s why we all hate hospitals, even when we’re dreadfully in need of them – you don’t even get to choose when or what to eat, or what to wear sometimes.

Did a short grocery run after preparing a menu for the week. Mostly just needed milk and cereal, but I got a few little extras. Also had to buy a battery for my glucose test monitor, one of the few things the VA told me I’m responsible for. Duracell is darn tricky-sneaky. The battery the monitor came with was a Duracell, DR2032 – but good luck finding that one. Turns out, the actual battery is a CR2032, the ‘D’ is for Duracell. Since most of us just buy another of what’s already in the device, for fear of not getting the right voltage or damaging the device, changing the designation helps ensure most people will buy their brand instead of a generic equivalent. I mean, I did the research ahead of time, but not everyone can, and it’s hard to know what to do when you’re standing at the retail display and your phone isn’t internet capable or not getting a signal.

Anyway, I got the generic store brand battery, and it works great. About 50¢ more than half the price of the Duracell. Hmmpft. It’s a good thing I got time, ‘cause I need it to save money !