Monday, March 23, 2015

Elsa's new dress !

After wresting with Dearest Son’s doctor’s office about AWOL prescriptions for most of the morning, I found out it’s his specialist that prescribed them, not the doctor. D’oh ! Luckily he still had refils at OldTown pharmacy, so I asked to have them transferred. Long story short (too late !), we got what he needed and got to tour Mal-Wart afterwards ! 

The toy section was sad. Monster High was down to less than a quarter of one side of a gondola, and while it’d never been more than a half of one to begin with, it was all crammed up, everything slurred together, dolls, art sets, makeup kits, pets, all in one huge wad of a mess. It was the same story for most other categories – MLP, Disney Princesses, Frozen, AG clones – except Barbie. She still had nearly all of one side, and it was fairly well organized, if kind of empty. I lucked out, they’d restocked the $2.47 shoes and accessory kits, and snagged the ‘Kitty’ one I’d seen so long ago. I thought I lost out on that one, and was sad a bit, ‘cause I loved the kitty ears and purse. Not to mention, I more or less live in black flats ! They also had the same-price outfits, but they were the usual front-print-only straight sheaths, and I didn’t see a half-print I really liked. 

I really liked how they were packaged. You could see everything in there ! Next aisle over hosted the house-brand ‘Sparkle Girlz’ and all their stuff, and I instantly found a dress I really wanted to see on Elsa. So, there she is ! It’s a simple outfit, even has that ‘strip of ribbon’ underwear, but I couldn’t even find that skirt fabric for $2., much less sew it. She’s wearing the shoes that came with it, and while they’re not exactly made for specific feet, they each oddly fit better on one foot than the other. 

Our store had also restocked Frozen dolls, and had numerous Anna and Elsas, but all molded-bodice versions from last year, no Frozen Fever dolls at all. Kind of a shame, I love this Elsa so much, I was considering Anna, if I could find her in the harsh light of retail. 

Dearest has decided he may want a Celestia when I order my Build-A-Bear Luna (just a little over a week now !), so while he looked at toys, movies, huge chocolate rabbits and computers, he only went for the chips I promised him. Besides, as he observed, ‘they haven’t stocked any new Lego since before Christmas’. Got the few groceries we needed, and having secured the ‘scripts first thing, we were outta there. 

And doesn’t Elsa look great in her new dress ?


  1. Oo! The dress looks great on her! I grabbed one of the Sparkle Girlz outfits for my Elsa, too! It's the one with the coral lace top with the two rows of ruffles. The color isn't an exact match for FF Elsa's lipstick, but she looks good in the color anyway! XD

    1. Oooh, any photos posted ? I'm heading for bed - super tired today ! - so I'll peek tomorrow, I'm woefully behind on your blog. It's just soo cool we got the same doll on the same day !

    2. Not yet - I'm so behind on taking pics of stuff. D: