Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day ! (watch out for snakes !)

Ahh, I feel sooo good ! Nothing hurts ! The bruises are healing really fast, and I’m sleeping and resting well, so I think I’m approaching the down side of this particular hill, and it’ll be a fun coast the rest of the way. And If I keep telling m’self that, maybe it’ll go just that way. 

However, it’s still recovery time, and I’m not even gonna risk anything this early by doing something stupid. So I’m having fun online window-shopping and storing up projects for the near future with a cup of soft coffee (Equal-sweet, lots of milk, tastes warm and welcoming as a pillow) in between small housework bursts. I’ve found at least a dozen more embroidery designs I want – only one Elsa, I swear ! – but I wanna hold off on buying any ‘til I can either stitch some of the massive backlog I already have, or the first of the month when I have a few bucks, whichever comes first. I swear, not being able to sew makes me want to so much…

Found a pattern I wanna try last night – actually, it’s a photo tutorial on how to make your own kitty cubby ! You see these at all pet places, and you don’t save a lot doing it yourself, when you spend at least $10. on supplies to make two, and one is about $15. at most Mal-Wart type stores, but you get to pick your own fabric and it seems pretty simple. Great way to use up larger scraps, or some of the ten yards of nautical-themed print you found for three bucks at the flea market last month. I know our Junior-kitty would love one, as there’s not a box yet he hasn’t climbed into and taken up temporary residence in, and I could use up supplies to make one for MIL’s kitties as an apartment-warming gift, whenever they eventually move. 

Yeah, that’s hit a bit of a snag. We didn’t know they were moving into the former ‘model’ apartment at their complex. Sounds great, but the complex management is running way late on completing the new model, and they can’t move in to the old one until the new one’s ready. So now, we’re looking at April at the earliest. At least there’s no rush. And hopefully the power co. will be a bit more flexible with them than they were with us. 

Oh, and that Brother CS6000i I got from the thrift ? Amazon.com has it as their Deal of the Day for $114. Guess they told me ‘cause I researched it on their site. Super-nice machine for cheap money, if you’re interested.

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