Friday, March 20, 2015

It’s all FaceBook’s Fault !

My latest Preciousssssss....
Yeah, I now hit up FBook about once a day when I used to shun it completely. Several machine embroidery designers on Etsy – who had designs I swooned over ! – invited me to join their FB pages… and I soon learned FB fan pages = coupons and freebies. I’ve probably saved about $40. that way, so while I don’t write much, even when Beloved Hubby tags me, I do hit up craft fan sites I like, hoping for discounts and goodies, or just announcements of new stuff for sale. 

Today, however, I swooned over something new. An image of a Build-A-Bear Princess Luna ! The one I’ve wanted and whined about not having since I saw their version of Fluttershy in ’13. So, guess what I’m ordering in April – just 11 days from now ?! Not getting the deluxe version, as the cape, crown, and shoes aren’t at all show accurate. I’d consider it if they were, just to save on shipping, but they’re made for gold-hunting magpies and kids who adore shiny, and while I do turn my head in case of glitter, I’d rather make my own than try to adapt theirs. I can probably do the neckpiece and shoes from black glitter vinyl… man, I wish I didn’t hate Hobby Lobby so much…

And that’ll pretty much tap me, except for the $15. I’ll soon have from PineCone surveys, which I’m sure will go to various Etsy sellers shortly after it hits PayPal. And to think, I was just gonna go for a walking foot for KJ and a free-motion foot for Odyssey, and leisurely spend the rest on Etsy next month…

I know, I know, I should have sewed today, since I’ve been cleared for it, but it was another dismal day, and I ended up surfing for freebies. Snagged twelve embroidery designs and six sewing patterns (three of which I don’t want/can’t use), mostly from Craftsy, but I got the embroideries thanks to The Sewing Loft, a compilation site of awesome craft goodness. They had a list of a hundred free designs, and while I had seen maybe a third of them before, the rest were new, so I snagged a dozen of what I liked. They also have 100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns, 100+ Fat Quarter projects, 100 Quilt Blocks, 100 Scarf projects… all kindsa goodies. I subscribed to the newsletter, you may wanna check ‘em out, you might find something you like, and free is always a great price ! 

Can’t wait for tomorrow – Dollar Tree and Hancock Fabrics, here we come ! 

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