Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I couldn't resist either of them !

It’s on ! All my labs and tests show I’m healthy enough to survive the surgery – and I survived rush hour traffic today ! - so tomorrow, I’m getting a shiny new defibrillator / pacemaker installed. My appointment’s at 10am instead of 8am, so we get to sleep in a little. Like I’m gonna get any sleep at all tonight ! I’m so tired now, I can barely stay awake, but I don’t dare steal a nap. 

I was all over the VA building today, thanking Everything Dearest Son wasn’t with me. He wouldn’t have appreciated being dragged from one waiting room to another, then being left alone for procedures and tests. Heck, I wasn’t fond of it m’self, and all of it was for my benefit. While I could eat after my first-thing lab, the rest of the appointments were so heel-toe close, I didn’t dare go get anything for fear of missing my ‘your turn’ call. Luckily, I’d bought a small bag of cashews when we got gas this morning, but that’s all I had ‘til almost 2pm.

Why so late ? Well, my appointments were over and I was done by 11am, and I wanted to get Dearest from M & FIL as soon as possible – we were going to that good thrift ! And I wasn’t even gonna eat in the car on the highway. Ten bucks got me a pair of jeans and an adorable stuffed Halloween kitty, and my guys six t-shirts. They actually had two TV sets, one for 99¢, one for $1.98 this time, but I preferred the one I got from there last month. No real time to munch on much.

Since I can’t drive for a week – not two weeks as originally stated – we also hit Dollar Tree for some cheep snacks and more bread, and I found the very last Frozen postcard set, again over by the collector-album stickers. There’s not one I really want (I seem to have the Kristoff fan’s dream set), but it was nice to see the checklist. They’re a lot like the MH postcards, no big surprise, since they’re both Panini-made. Then I hit the grocery for more lunchmeat for Beloved Hubby’s sandwiches, and ended up scooping up a 16lb bag of Kit ‘n Kaboodle cat chow, two boxes of Corn Pops, a large bag of generic Cocoa Pebbles, two bottles of Nesquik chocolate sauce, 2 pounds of ham, a bottle of ranch dressing, two boxes of Velveeta Hamburger Helper, 3 Lunchables, and big bags of Bugles and Chex Mix, all from their blowout Anniversary Sale, for about $28. with tax. Not too bad !

While I lazed the afternoon away, tonight was busy. The involved supper that got delayed for Chinese cuisine yesterday was on for tonight, and it was ready 20 minutes after Beloved walked through the door. Not bad, considering it takes over an hour, from prep to serve. When I wasn’t cooking, I was cleaning the kitchen, so that all I had to do was clean off supper dishes and run the dishwasher. But first, I wanted some specific clothes for the hospital, so it was time to sort clean laundry and do a quick load of the dirty stuff. My guys will have to do without me for a day, but at least they’ll have clean dishes and clothes ready !

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  1. Dorrie,

    I wanted to wish you lots of luck and a speedy recovery! Please let us know how it goes. Sending calming, peaceful and positive thoughts your way!