Sunday, March 15, 2015

What a beautiful Sunday !

Updated this ole thing today, with a little over a week of entries I wrote but hadn’t posted. Few photos, but you do get one of Frozen Fever Elsa – not the official Mattel imagery, just a big snapshot of my doll fresh from the box. She really is gorgeous. Not much on the huge pink flowers on her train/gown, but she makes them work. 

 And I have the directions how to make my own stand like what I have her on. They’re great stands, work fabulous for MH dolls as well as Barbie types, male and female – they’re just pretty expensive. I’d rather make my own if I can. Anyway, if you wanna see, scroll down and hit ‘older posts’, and there ya go. 

In yet another of True Life Ironies (tm), I just barely got my sewing mojo back when it was time for the surgery. Now, I can’t sew, at least, not for a few more weeks. Machine embroidery takes a lot of hand and arm force just to hoop up fabric, and the rest of it’s not nearly as passive as you might think.  I don’t think I’m allowed to put that much pressure on my left side yet, not when I’m not supposed to lift more than five pounds for a month. As far as regular sewing goes… well, like most of us, I thread the needle with my left hand. Even though I’m almost completely right-handed, by necessity due to the shape of your average machine, most of us thread leftie. And that hurts right now. I’ll probably give it a week of healing and try again.

I kinda hate to take all the stuff they gave me at the hospital home with me. I got another grey plastic bin, a big VA mug, a box of tissues, a fresh Symbicort inhaler, and that pink plastic emesis (‘kidney’ or ‘barf’) bowl. They all had my maiden name written on them with Sharpie, so it was either take ‘em or they toss ‘em. At least the ink came off with a wet rag and some toothpaste, so I can find new uses for them all around Chez Insanity. I think Dearest Son has plans to make the pink bowl into a pony wading pool...

When we were moving here, that knitting stand folding bag thing I bought a couple years ago at Hancock Fabrics fell apart. Again. Beloved Hubby had nailed it back together in several places – after I’d glued it several times – and every stick that didn’t have at least two nails through it gave way. I finally took it the rest of the way apart (it didn’t take much) and figured I’d make some purse strap-handles and stitch in a closure, make a tote bag out of it. And never buy a craft basket-type thing from Hancock’s again. If the fabric wasn’t so cute, I’d have tossed the whole thing years ago. What a piece of crap it’s been !

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