Saturday, March 7, 2015

Why do I keep sewing in blue for this doll ? (sigh)

Looks like my alterations worked ! Measuring everything and adding 3/8” to all the side seams and the tops of the strap worked – actually made the armhole a bit too big. I also hope to shape it a bit more, and I still need to redraw the front darts. I doubled the hem measurement for the skirt, and it’s still not quite where I want it, so V 3.0 will probably have a bit more of a fitted look, with a 2.5x skirt and a slightly wider strap. Not sure when I’ll get to sewing that, abut the third time I sew the same design, I start getting bored with it. Plus, I need to see if it fits the other DP&M girls before I change anything else, knockoff Elsa is just a bit smaller than they are. 

Not sure what’s with me, I’m constantly hungry and on the prowl for food. Even sewing isn’t distracting me – that normally works ! – I still think of what I want to eat even while I’m crafting. Wish I knew why. 

Oh, and forgot to mention yesterday – the Pixie Faire pattern that won the free download vote was an American Girl one, not either of the Ellowyne Wilds. But wondering about that size levered me off my creative butt and led me back to sewing, so it’s all for the good, either way. Went ahead and downloaded their always-free EW tee-shirt pattern. Maybe I’ll make one for Elphie.

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