Thursday, March 5, 2015

Download. Adapt. Revel in success...

We’re still digging out of the snow, black ice everywhere this morning. But most of the snow had melted during the day, leaving some icy spots tonight. Beloved Hubby’s co-workers bailed, understandably, so he napped and relaxed around the house today. It’s been nice to have him home safe, but we’re both a twinge worried about bills. Not that we can do much about our chameleon weather ! 

It’s funny what finally dug me out of my creative funk. I thought Elsa was gonna arrive today, but I can completely understand a snow delay. She’s currently chilling in Dallas, so maybe tomorrow. Anyway, I was kind of bored, so I checked Pixie Fair to see what the Freebie Friday pattern offering would be. Half American Girl designs I already snagged, half Ellowyne Wilde designs. Hmmm…. nope, too small for any of my dolls. It’s even just annoyingly different enough from Elphie (Tyler body) to require numerous alterations. Rats !

But I started thinking (everybody run !) about all those patterns I scanned from all those 70s and 80s doll magazines. I really hadn’t checked many of those, maybe something there would fit or be fun to try. I’ve found two that captured my interest, and printed one out, paper fitting it to knockoff DP&M Elsa. It might work ! Only one way to find out… probably tomorrow, the fabric scrap’s already cut out and Fray-Checked, but I’m darn near dizzy. Guess I’d best get dinner started ! 

But I confess, I’m a little excited and looking forward to sewing tomorrow !

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