Friday, March 27, 2015

Dollar Tree, you are NOT helping me get over my Frozen fetish !

Didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, and ended up sleeping in a bit this morning. My VA Health Check monitor – not the pacemaker monitor, that’s not arrived yet – mucked up yesterday, and it was still dicey today. I’d called my rep to let her know yesterday, and she’d instructed me to unplug it, wait a half hour, and plug it back in, it’d reset itself and find whatever tower it needed to transmit. I did that last night, and it still acted strange. Then I realized, I’d unplugged it from the back of the device. The part that plugged into the wall had some sort of green LED light transformer on it – maybe that made a difference ? It did. Works fine now, and somehow during yesterday’s potato chip sorrow suffocation, I lost two pounds. (sigh)

Dearest Son’s job is to tidy up the living room on Fridays, mostly because he does most of the living in it. I promised we’d go to Dollar Tree once that’s done. Amazing how little time that can take ! I got my first full shower since the surgery – heaven ! A one-handed shampoo in the shower is a million times better than a birdbath in the kitchen sink, even with both hands and the sprayer nozzle. Two weeks down, two to go before I don’t have to focus on keeping my left arm down anymore.

He made his two selections, I got him a pack of three blank CDs to burn for his stereo and a knockoff Nerf football to toss with Beloved Hubby in the backyard, plus a box of pizza rolls for lunch. 

You can see what I got. Last time we were there, I saw these novelty huge Frozen pencils in a single cylinder at the register, too late. No biggie. I figured they’d be long gone by our next visit, but as you can see, I got one ! There’s at least three different designs, and they have different labels on them – some say ‘Star Student’, others read ‘Diva’. Mine identifies me as a ‘Drama Queen’ and after March, I don’t think many would disagree. I got the last plastic ‘sisters’ cup – the four others were all Olaf – and the last little tote bag. I couldn’t resist the bag. It reads ‘Strong Bond / Strong Heart’… well, that’s the hope ! Perhaps I should name my ICD Anna ? Maybe she’ll keep me cool and strong. J They still had plenty of plastic kiddie plates, straws, snap-lid snack bowls, and cereal bowls, but oddly, those all featured Olaf, too. I'm sure that's just a coincidence and everyone's favorite Discount Sid snowman remains as popular as ever !

I got two of the ‘Caution !’ signs – Beloved’s says ‘Genius at Work’, mine of course, mentions stars. They also came in blue, red, and green, but all the green ones were ‘Genius’ and I really wanted ‘Superstar’. They’ll look great with nearly any size doll, I think. Charmingly oversized for Barbie and the MH classmates, adorable with Timey, Dottie, and the DP&M girls. They fold flat, too. Score ! 

The black paint set may seem odd, especially considering I don’t have any use for the cheap foam roller, plastic gloves, or paintbrush inside. But there is method to my madness. The tray is about perfectly sized to hold my sewing machine pedal in one place under the Arena, and with some of the nonslip shelf foam left over from the sewing machine pocket pad project adhered inside and out, it should stay in one place. 

I know I don’t need to explain the popcorn. It’s delicious !

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