Thursday, October 31, 2013

If all their models looked like this, I'd probably not hate them so much !

Current Notes: Boo ! 

Rather boring Halloween here – many local businesses were doing Trunk or Treat downtown, so we didn’t have a lot of house-to-house Trick or Treaters this year. Gosh darn the luck, stuck with all this candy !

Moved ‘Flair’, Dearest Son’s half-moon Betta fish today. It’s getting too cold for him in the window, so now he’s in the living room, where we can all see and enjoy his beautiful fins and graceful drift swimming. I need to change his water again. That opens up a bit more space for my doll playsets, but Ginger-kitty now thinks the Country Living  home living room is a perfect place to nap. Darn cat. 

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