Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I has a bucket !

Current Notes : Yaaay !
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I am sooo enjoying our cooler weather. But I still haven’t successfully led m’self to the sewing machine yet, even though I have a surplus of inspiration. I’m not sure, but I think it’s an ongoing ‘seasons change’ mental shift, I tend to have a touch of melancholy and find m’self skipping through Memory Lane at the drop of a floppy hat. Shouldn’t preclude my sewing, but it’s getting harder and harder to face my machine most mornings.

But there’s lots else to be happy about. I got my bucket ! Beloved Hubby wanted to hit McD’s tonight, and even though I knew the MH Happy Meal wasn’t due to start ‘ til Friday, I figured I could plot a weekend trip, too. Just in case, though, I asked – nope, they had Batman toys. So I was really surprised when I saw stacks of blue pails in the DriveThru ! Turns out, they’d run out of Wizard of Oz toys and were substituting the next toys early. Yaay ! I got them to sell me a food-free one (I’d already ordered an adult meal), and a second one when Dearest Son piped up that he wanted one for ‘stuff’.

They’re pretty cute – this store only had Frankie – and while I wish they either had real lids or fit margarine tub lids (too small), I really like mine. It’s quite cute ! This is the ‘main’ one out of the three I wanted, but now I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on the other sides of DracuLaura’s pink one and Clawdeen’s purple one ! Stickers are the same for all three, just in matching background colors, though.

Dearest was disappointed in the stickers. I have to admit, they are pretty generic. My bucket had two sets of ‘em ! On the reverse, there’s some sort of Halloween ‘bouncing ball’ game app, and they make a point of saying it’s free to download, and has no in-game purchases. These days, that’s fairly important !

Now, what am I gonna do with my new bucket…? 

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  1. Remember the first set of McD's toy buckets? They came with lids! I remember having the green witch one, which had a lid that looked like a pointed hat.