Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Twilight time !

Current Notes: New student ! I think she'll fit in, don't you ? 

Lucky ! Beloved Hubby didn’t have to go in ‘til later, so he made sure we got to the Library today. I got my book and some pages printed in vivid color for backdrops – too bad the Library’s ‘we can print x size’ declaration on their web page didn’t match what they could do today. Most of the printouts are too short to get much use, but we’ll see.

I also offered to print a couple pages for Dearest Son – umm. He still likes My Little Pony, and since Equestria Girls, also likes human fan-art versions of the Mane Six. What I didn’t know is that he favors very….well, busty versions of them ! I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s of age for that, but…honestly, Fluttershy ! I knew some of his online image collection was a bit on the hentai side, but still innocent…just wasn’t expecting he’d want printouts of a well-endowed maid version of Rainbow Dash ! Worse still, the computer I was given to use wouldn’t send any of the images to the printer, so the Librarian had to do it for us. Guess which ones were the last to print, so they were right on top ? (cringe)

Although I apologized through my blushes, the Librarian said she’d seen much worse, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t based on candy-colored toy ponies. I was careful to tuck those under the MH stuff when we checked out our books. Dearest now has them proudly pinned to his bulletin board, and momma needs to just get over it. The images are, after all, still at least 75% innocent…

After lunch, he decided to redo his desk again, so I snagged his Twilight Sparkle doll for a short photo shoot. And I saw Hasbro still does a poor job with hair rooting. I thought my Leia dolls were poorly thatched. Poor Twilight Sparkle up there (the purple one in the middle) has roughly 1/3 of the average rooting of a Barbie, over about twice as big a head. Her two rows of bangs stand straight out like shelves, too, once they’re free of spray starch. Much too short to anchor down, too. Shame, ‘cause she’s actually a pretty doll, although the pony version that comes with her is much better. I’d have bought a Luna like that, but no way am I gonna spring for the ‘Cheerleader Luna’ Hasbro actually made. I’d rather snag a Create A Monster, reroot her, and make my own Luna. Hmmmm….

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