Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Still a total sucker for dress forms.

Current Notes : I have plenty of tape now...

I had time to spend playing with my dolls today – and it really put ‘the move’ to the test ! Raquelle’s new stuff was cluttering up my desk, and at risk of being lost, and I also needed to fix up the Barbie shelves. So I pulled out the ‘Barbie Bin’, the white plastic storage box I keep all their clothes, shoes, and other accessories in. It hadn’t been touched since I shoved it in the bedroom closet shortly after we moved all our stuff. Still had the masking tape I used to make sure the lid didn’t fly away on it, as well as some mud and dirt from its open-air transport. Decided to take care of that, too.

Once cleaned, I opened it and located the shoes – in a reclaimed plastic kids’ school box. Several of the sixth scale dolls had lost one or both shoes during the move, and while they were nicely displayed, some were barefoot. Kind of spoils the presentation, ya know ? I must have six different sized feet among them, and that’s just the girls ! It took about half an hour to locate shoes that’d fit both feet and outfit. I also got my old Robotech Rick Hunter doll back from Dearest Son – barefoot and bare-chested. I got him properly outfitted as well. Then I brushed hair, dusted, and shifted poses a bit. Much better !

I also opened the Tapefitti MH Fashion Design package today. There it is, in today’s photo. I fully admit that 90% of the appeal was the dress form – may paint it black later, that pink is eye-searing – but even with various discounts, it was rather pricey for what it is. Which is, namely, a buncha tape, a chintzy tape cutter, patterns, some stickers, and a sticker-pushing spatula. Basically, what yer supposed to do is apply tape strips to the back side of the paper pattern, cut it out, and use more, less decorative tape to secure seams and attach it to the dress form or MH doll of your choice. The 15 included patterns – two to a character, except for Spectra’s one – are either Beginner or Expert level, and if you plan to use them, I’d get photocopies or scans first, so you can use the same designs more than once. It’s a cute idea, and I confess, I wonder if I can adapt a few of the patterns to use with fabric. I’ll probably try later, for kicks.

If you’re intrigued, and the broken MH doll you’re using as a dress form just isn’t cutting it anymore, you may want to snag one for yourself. It’s a Target exclusive, and I found mine in the MH aisle, not the kids’ crafts one. Twenny bucks. Not yet on the website. Happy hunting !

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