Monday, October 14, 2013

I think October is just gonna be 'one of those months'...

Current Notes: Side panel from the Tapefitti box. I love it, and wish Mattel would use it more often !

Happy Columbus Day ! Or ‘random day for banks and stuff to be closed’ for most of the rest of us. DFIL checked the mail four times before I reminded him. I hate to correct anybody when it’s gonna be embarrassing…

Kind of a boring day. Did dishes and prowled through my library books. We went to another ‘games day’ at the Library Thursday, so I have some new ones ! Too bad the sewing ones weren’t too useful. Oh, and speaking of ‘not useful’, I sent for the ‘secret to sewing doll clothes’ video from this place. The ‘big secret’ was to sew flat, i.e., sew hems on items before they’re sleeves and pant legs. You know, something most of us have done without thinking for years. Heck, follow the directions on most commercial patterns, and they all pretty much tell ya the same thing. She’s since offered me Secrets #2 and #3, but I think I’ll pass. You can buy her whole package for just under $50. – which includes eight easy American Girl patterns !

I decided to try to make my own pattern, for a simple MH camisole. First attempt didn’t go well. Armscryes are too big and too much towards the back, and it was too big everywhere else, too. For something so simple, I’m not having as easy a time with it as I thought I would ! 

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