Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hundreds of clunky bracelets per bag !

Current Notes: First there was 'bad doll sewing'. Now, there's 'bad doll crafts' ! 
Pass the steak knife, would you ? 

One day closer to Friday ! Hope yours was great !

Fray-checked my next attempt at the camisole, and selected the closest thread match to it, but never got back to actually sewing. Instead I played around with the color-print pages from the Library. Made a magazine from the set I downloaded from, adding a unique back cover cut from an expired fast-food coupon, and a couple pages from a color-printed receipt I had in my wallet. It’s not photographing well tonight, so I’ll try getting a good image tomorrow, in daylight.

I also found a dress pattern on Etsy that I decided to shell the $2. for. I’m hoping to sew tomorrow, too, and let ya know if it’s worth it. Those sleeves look so darn tiny… I also won my doll auction, so she’ll be on the way soon.

Dug through some craft supplies, looking for something – I’ve already forgotten what it was – when I came across the bag of pony beads I bought for DFIL, years ago. The beads on his fringed leather jacket kept coming off, so when I saw those exact same ‘moonlight’ colors, I bought a bag. I have no idea where the jacket is now, he only needed a few of ‘em, but I kept the rest. I’d also snagged a pack of not-quite pony beads at Dollar Tree, to make prescription bottles (a la My Froggy Stuff). Still haven’t gotten to those, but it occurred to me that the beads would make great MH bracelets !

Well, the DTree beads did. Those slipped on the dolls’ wrists, no problem, but the hole in the ‘regulation’ pony beads was a twinge too small. So I grabbed a silver bead and a steak knife still on my desk from my mid-afternoon raw cauliflower snack and started scraping the hole out a bit more. I tried using my X-Acto knife and a pair of scissors, but the knife actually did the best, followed by some pointy kids’ Fiskars scissors. If you have a Dremel, and can keep the bead from flying off, that’d probably work best, but it only took a couple of minutes of work before I got the pony bead hollowed out enough. With that success, I augered a few more, and now the ghouls have six new bracelets that only cost a bit of effort. Well, my finger tips are still a bit tender, but they’ll be fine by tomorrow morning.

What’s bonus neat about the pony beads is that they’re nice and big. If you have the skill, you could easily paint tiny flowers or stripes, or whatever you want on them. Thanks to those ‘treat bag’ packs, I have stickers nearly tiny enough to decorate the beads, too. Howleen has a hollowed out white pony bead with a sticker on one wrist, the semi-transparent green Dollar Tree bead on the other. Yaaay for big and clunky ! 

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