Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scares and stars...

Current Notes: Sewing. Still the best way to distract y'self...

Whoah, what a night. We’d barely ordered pizza – and I finished last night’s entry – when Dearest Son went into another seizure. I was in the bathroom when I heard him make an odd sound, and I tore back into the living room, where Beloved Hubby already had him into rescue position, and was cradling him. It looked more violent than usual to me, even though it’s been months since the last one (and years since that one), and longer…when he burbled up blood. I was on the phone to 911 two seconds later.

I admit it, the blood made us both panic. That’s never happened before. Thirty minutes later, he was long out of the seizure, but very tired and sort of out of it, yet a lot more alert than usual, in the ER. Two hours later, we were on our way home, with a prescription, referrals, and pretty much everything we’ve been pushing for ever since his very first seizure, years ago.

So, nothing bad without some good, but we’re just now starting to calm down. As for him, Dearest is normal and active, like nothing’s happened. But he’s learned to swallow pills – something he couldn’t do last week ! – and is taking today easy. We have a lot of appointments coming up, and hopefully, they’ll be helpful. We still have no idea what the trigger is, or even if there is one. And it turns out, seizures don’t cause bleeding. It’s normally from a bitten tongue or cheek, but none of us could find a scrape in his mouth anywhere.

I was so happy Dearest came home with us. I wasn’t sure how we’d have handled him being admitted. DMIL stashed the pizza in the fridge, which we ate in a sort of odd party mood. I still feel both safe and scared.

So I had to ditch out of that. And Camisole 2.5 was looking pretty good. While Dearest napped, I stitched it out, and even broke in one of the new blue thread spools. Well, there it is. It’s almost right. Still a bit big, but I like it to be a little loose. Can always install darts for a more snug fit later. Remembered to measure the ribbon straps this time, but forgot to sew them in ‘til last. Covers up part of the Velcro ™ in the back, which isn’t improving the fit here. Next time I sew it up – Camisole 2.6 – I’ll write down the sequence of directions, and scan it if the trim I gave the working pattern, well, works. Then I can share it ! That’s been my goal all along.

For now, though, we’re waiting for Beloved to come home. Yes, he worked today, a half-day, once he felt fairly confident Dearest wasn’t gonna seize again. I’m hoping to lure him to McD’s. Want another MH bucket ! 


  1. I hope everything is ok with your son's health. that sounds really scary!

  2. Geez, Dorrie! That must have been terrifying! I hope your kiddo is over these seizures for a while. :(

  3. Thanks, ya'll. All seems well, and he's on meds now, so here's hoping for the best. It means a lot that you're pulling for us ! ((hugs!!))

  4. I hope & pray the seizures stay away. Hopefully these new appts will gain some new useful information. I'm glad he seems unphased