Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday at the Maul...

Current Notes: I love these seats ! Poor, tired DracuLaura looks like she could use one.
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Didn’t get to sew today – the friction continues, but there’s not much we can do about it. Beloved Hubby left early, and was gone all day, for about a 10 hour workday. Somewhere between last night and this morning, the shower curtain got ripped off four of the rings, and I can tell ya, that meant the bathroom floor got flooded. With Beloved gone and no convenient Dollar Tree a block or two away, it was up to me to fix it.

It seems silly to put all that effort - take it down, dry it off, measure the torn areas, sew scrap fabric straps to cover the holes, sew the straps over the holes and auger new ones, and put it back up – into a cheap $3. shower curtain, but it was that or risk a slippery bathroom floor, so I did it. Over the years, I’ve used every tape from electrical to duct to fix torn holes on better curtains, but the tape always came off. Don’t know if this will work, but it was worth a try. Never found out who tore it, either.

I also got to play with my new Die-ner. I confess, after the disappointing seating in the Coffin Bean playset, I took my time deciding if I really wanted this one or not. I’m glad I took the leap, ‘cause everything here is awesome ! The chairs are just perfect, and while I’d like the booth to be a bit deeper in the seat, it’s still the right height for most monsters, and the usual detail work is evident here, too. The ‘buttons’ on the booth seat are skullette heads, the spiderweb details on the stool seats are perfect. While I don’t expect to use the counter/ cooktop much, it’s still really awesomely done. On the ‘cook’ side, in addition to themed burners, there’s a suggestion of a stove embossed into the shiny silver plastic, fodder for further imagination.

The closest I can come to a complaint with the Die-ner is that I wish it came with more chairs and actual cooking pieces, like pots and pans, and more food. I had the same ‘more food and pieces, please’ plaint with the Coffin Bean set. I guess Mattel figures you can use Barbie stuff, or what came with the Heath & Abbey set, and there’s always the delight of creating your own, but to me, the ‘life’ in a playset is in the tiny bits and I’d have loved to see what else the design team would have unleashed.

One problem with getting a new, even awesome, playset is that it limits your space for the next ones coming out. Have you seen the art studio (School) and backstage vanity (Frights, Camera, Action !) sets due ? I’m hoping they aren’t as good, because I’m running out of space ! But I’m half in love with the chainsaw and the room screen…

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