Sunday, October 6, 2013

Raquelle moves from 'Dreamhouse' to 'Chez Insanity' in one easy shop !

Current Notes : Whoo-hoo ! New doll - and she's awesome ! Out of package, her hair has some brown to it, too. 

Ahh…I feel better now. Not sure if I just needed a break, or if the shopping trip did the trick. I kinda hate to pin my elevated mood on crass commerce, but . . .   shiny new things ! Yaaay !

I finally made up my mind. Yes, I still wanted Life in the Dreamhouse Raquelle. Have since I first saw that quirked smile months ago. Problem was, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Somehow, though, I never felt that ‘gotta drive everywhere, check every usual haunt and hole in the wall retail shop in case they might have it, then go home and scream at scalpers on online stores and eBay for somehow buying ‘my’ doll, and writhe in jealousy over every person who said he/she just strolled in to Mal-Wart and got theirs’ paranoid obsession I’ve had for darn near every Monster High doll I’ve ever decided to want. I figured Barbies would be around a bit longer – and I was right. I found that the local Tar-zhay had Raqs listed as ‘in stock’, and since her product number and stock number were different from Dreamhouse Barbie, it might actually be accurate. Plus, thanks to the move, I had a “10% off everything” coupon. Oh, yeah…

So I was disappointed when I got to the decimated Pink Aisle. They hardly had anything ! A couple of 2-pack Dreamhouse sets, a wedding pack, some mermaids, buncha princesses, the usual…but some digging and diving revealed one lonely Racquelle, languishing behind and beneath some other more generic Barbie dolls. Mine !

Then I rounded the aisle. Yup. Four more on the endcap. (sigh) Since they all had gorgeous eyes, I went for the best hairline rooting pattern, and I finally had my Raquelle. And she was on sale for only a dollar more than she was shown as costing on the website ! Victory !

On the next aisle, I found the Tapefitti MH Fashion Design kit, something I’d only seen once on eBay – a Target exclusive. It’s not even on the website. Basically, you make doll clothes with tape. Right. Despite its ridiculous price, I bought it, and you‘ll see it soon. It’s about twice that on eBay, and I really wanted that dress form !

I also had good luck at the Dollar Spot. Scored the Ghoulia dry erase board and a DracuLaura one (Dearest Son’s choice), a Ghoulia & Cleo ‘Beauty and Brains’ notepad, and 20 small boxes of tiny MH water tattoos. There’s four in a box, and each one will easily fit on your thumbnail. I’ve seen them for years, mostly on eBay, so I was thrilled to snag my own for just $3., instead of $3. a set ! Not sure what I’m gonna do with the other 16 boxes though… I may actually give some of them out for Halloween !

Dearest Son’s My Little Pony interest rekindled when I rented Equestria Girls this week from TRU’s new streaming venture. Worked pretty well, but my discount code didn’t go through – when I asked about it, they refunded the whole price ! Still feel a bit guilty about that. Anyway, it’s on Netflix and is airing on the Hub channel soon, and is actually a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it, and want to watch it again. So, when confronted with half a gondola of MLP and three weeks of saved allowance, he didn’t stand a chance. He snagged the deluxe Twilight Sparkle EG doll, and said I could borrow her for a few photos. I really love the pony that comes with her, and wish they’d make one of Princess Luna in that style. The EG Luna doll is a TRU exclusive, part of a 5-pack, and I’m just not interested. If Hasbro’d done a version of her like the one they did of Celestia, maybe…but Tween Cheerleader Luna just isn’t cutting it for me. I’m considering, after a photo shoot with Twilight and some MH ghouls, adding a Rarity to my collection…

I kinda felt I deserved the splurge, because I did DM & DFIL’s dishes. DFIL hasn’t been feeling well, and we were running out of forks – DFIL keeps dishes in the Garpartment ‘til he can get to them – so I volunteered to wash ‘em up. Yikes. What I thought was maybe a week’s worth turned into a two and a half hour marathon of scrubbing and soaking. Whooh. And I hate washing dishes ! But it needed doing, so I did it. And felt ultimately justified in buying all that stuff.

So there. It’s gonna be funny to watch me try to justify a trip to McD’s next week for those MH Happy Meal pails…

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