Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Carrie !

Current Notes: Daughter and Daddy at her birthday beach party. I think she really likes her new landspeeder !

Mc Rib Count (2013 Edition) - 01

Happy, if kind of boring, day. Had lots of housework to do, so I focused on that and stealing a nap. We had a huge storm last night, and while I normally sleep well during those, the lighting strikes – about two a second, it seemed ! – kept flashing me awake. But join me in celebrating Carrie Fisher’s birthday !

Didn’t get to the Library last night, or tonight. Poor Beloved Hubby is working much too hard, and much too late. We did run out for a quick McDinner tonight, though, and I now own all three MH pails. I was surprised to see that the DracuLaura and Clawdeen lids featured different stickers, not just the same Frankie stickers in pink and purple. They were nearly out of Clawdeen purple pails, and a cute little girl admired mine. Her dad, however, couldn’t order her one… so I asked, and we did ! Got her the last one, too ! Her smile, and her dad’s happiness in her surprised joy, will always be among the best gifts I’ve ever received.

Turned out, I had another surprise waiting – Beloved and Dearest Son had thoughtfully rented Monster High : 13 Wishes, without telling me ‘til we got home ! Dinner and a show. What a great night. I really enjoyed my first McRib of the season !

Provided I’m not up all night from another storm, I’m looking forward to sewing tomorrow, and the Library…maybe Wednesday. 

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