Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I think I'm gonna keep her...

Current Notes: Is it just me, or is DLaura getting less 'Barbie' and more 'Minnie Mouse' in her pink fashions ? 

Yaaay ! We don’t have cable anymore ! I guess that bill hasn’t been paid – it isn’t ours – and I’ll be happy if it stays gone. I was setting waaaay too much of our day by what was on when. Dearest Son is a bit disappointed, but long as we have internet – that bill is ours – he can easily find something interesting.

DMIL told me not to worry about the blanket project for Neighbor. It was probably more of a way to get to know us a bit more than a request for a perfectly completed project. Still, I feel a need to do it and do it well, so I got the flannel washed and folded. Found some of my own flannel, so I can work out how to get the darn near too-narrow ribbon to work as blanket edging without damaging the good stuff. It’s so soft, so fluffy.

Dearest was digging through his Craft Crate for a project, and I asked if he’d seen those Dollar Tree beads in there. I kept the green, clear, and orange ones, but couldn’t remember if I tossed the pink, blue, and purple ones in the Craft Crate or with the fabric we donated. Yaay – they were in the Crate. Now my MH dolls have new bracelet colors that I don’t have to scrape and drill ! Die-ner DracuLaura is wearing the pink and purple ones in today’s photo. I confess, I’m not terribly fond of the bracelet she was issued wearing. Or her earrings. They’re cute, but they seem designed to catch her hair. 

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