Friday, October 25, 2013

Order up !

Current Notes: Who wants a grilled muenster-cheese sandwich ? 

Go ahead, call me a sucker, easily persuaded especially when not much new has come out and I’m waiting for stuff I’ve wanted for years…but I’ve had my eye on the Die-ner ever since it was announced. I just can’t resist good chairs ! It’s true – I was bitterly disappointed with the ones in the Scaris playset, or I’d have bought that, too. Just too… ornate for me. Over-wrought iron, if you would. And even though I could paint the pieces, the colors they came in put me off as well.

I’m glad I didn’t talk m’self into Scaris, because now, the Die-ner is nearly guilt-free ! I even saved a few bucks on it. Found that the local Mal-Wart had them – for $23.99. Everywhere else, even Mattel’s store website, has ‘em for $30. and up. There’s a second exclusive version that comes with an Operetta, and it’s even from Mal-Wart, but I didn’t much care. I didn’t really want the dolls, just the furniture ! Although DLaura’s dress and shoes are sooo cute…Anyway, since I couldn’t get the site to tell me if the local store had the Die-ner in stock or not, I went ahead and did a ‘site to store’, with the promise it’d be there today.

So. We got there, picked up my Die-ner, and hit the MH aisle – you know I was gonna. And yes, they did have Die-ners, four of ‘em, on the shelf. For $29.99 ! And these weren’t the special ones, they were identical to what I held in my hands. Glad I went ‘site to store’ !

I also got some stretchy dark blue ‘glittery’ fabric – it was a remnant in the Mal-Wart bin, unlabeled, of course. I got a guesstimated price, which was a bit too high for me, but Beloved Hubby snagged it anyway. Due to some slight friction with DM & FIL, he wasn’t in much of a patient mode. I’m sure I’ll find lots of uses for it ! 

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