Monday, October 28, 2013

The cutest vamp waitress in the world !

 Current Notes: Wish that bone pencil and order pad had come with it !

I love MH packaging. It’s full of great posing and photos, awesome art, and a bunch of logos you can use on other craft projects. This little comic on the side panel of the Die-ner box is just one example. Now, DracuLaura isn’t the healthiest vamp – you can only assume her Die-ner is vegetarian only, or she’d be passed out half the day ! – but that look of exhaustion and the stains on her skirt are just adorable. And I confess, the more time I spend with Die-ner DLaura, the more I want to keep her. She has elegant, smoky makeup, and somehow, her face is like Skulltimate Roller Maze Frankie’s, they both look somehow a bit older without being out of character.

Kind of a standard, boring Monday. I got the new glittery stretch fabric washed, along with the rest of the laundry – washed, dried, and put away. Got the service project flannel  cheap-serged for tomorrow’s wash. Did dishes, and researched ribbon blanket edging… the ribbon Neighbor bought is so cute, but waaay too narrow. I have no idea how I’ll be able to use it, even after ironing it into the necessary shape. And woe betide me if I have to re-stitch anything, it’ll be a mess. I found some flannel scraps in my stash, and I always have ribbon, so at least I can practice before I use the good stuff.

(grin) And I’ve already found uses for the Happy Meal MH buckets. The Frankie one holds my spray bottle of water, all three handles, and the latest snail-mail fabric store ads. DracuLaura’s holding the service project flannel and ribbon, and Clawdeen is keeping up with a bundle of scrap fabric I got off Etsy, and the glitter stretch stuff.

I’m a little disappointed in the scrap fabric bundle. Those scraps are darn near too small to use. I can make a bunch of tight, short skirts, but not much else. It’s my own fault though, the seller didn’t do anything to make me think these were anything but bits and pieces, I just thought they looked bigger in the ad. On the whole, for what I spent, I should have saved my money – most of it was shipping – and bought a local fat quarter or four. I’m hoping Beloved Hubby will be off a bit this weekend, so maybe we can make a quick run to the Hancock’s in CapitolCity, it’s closer ! 

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