Monday, October 7, 2013

One day, I'll have to buy some red carpet...

Current Notes : I'm so glad Raquelle is here ! She's so much fun ! 

I was surprised how often I had to remind m’self not to tug Raquelle’s hands from her wrists – I know the new Barbie joints don’t work that way, but I’m so used to the MH ones… I’m also surprised at how much I wanna sew something for her ! Maybe she’s the kick in the pants I’ve been needing.

Still didn’t sew, though. Instead, I took advantage of a nap and an odd sort of window in the bedroom – it’s like a large window seat, just too high to sit or relax in. But it’s about right to store all my playsets, from the Barbie Friendship Airplane to the Monster High School, and Beloved Hubby was the first one to put them there ! Since he still doesn’t object, I arranged them there later, along with Flair, the Half-Moon Betta fish, but today decided to start playing with them !

I opened the Barbie Country Living Home and set it up – now my ‘main’ dolls have a place to live and have friends over ! Right now, Shinobu and Inaba are sitting at the dining room table, talking after dinner, while son Michio is watching TV in the living room. Yeah, kinda simple – I used only furniture that was stored inside the house to set it up, but I can always expand later. I can actually get to the props box without heavy lifting or clutting up half the bedroom – whenever I want ! Right now, I just like to see them there, instead of propped up somewhere.

Moving my dolls from the nightstand freed up that space, so I moved books off the floor and on the stand, where I can reach them easier. And since Beloved found the tablet stand, I moved that to the living room, where I might actually use it ! So I had a fun sort of day – and I’m looking forward to more doll time soon ! 

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