Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Rose of 2013

Current Notes: From my DMIL's beloved front-yard rosebushes. She saw this today, the last rose of 2013. Enjoy !

I’ve been thinking (and the earth trembles !) that part of what’s picking at me like a loose tooth is that I’ve never really established my service project…and that got me into trouble today. One of the neighbors, who’s kindly been helping out DMIL & FIL over the years, came over to address a concern she’s having. I discussed it as best I could without getting too much into other people’s business – believe me, ya’ll, I got enough business that isn’t mine dumped into my lap this week without asking for more – and we chatted a bit.

She mentioned family working in the nearby Big Medical Facility, and I knew she sewed. I asked if she ever sewed for the standard hospital charities (The Linus Project, bereavement blankets, etc.) and the next thing I knew, I had a Hancock Fabrics bag of really expensive flannel and $14. worth of spooled ribbon in my numb fingers. She’d intended to sew some blankets, but never had time, so… (sigh) guess who is ? I hate working with flannel, I’ve never ribbon-edged a blanket in my life, and I have no idea what size I’m supposed to make. I’ve looked up the parameters, and they’re ‘anywhere from twelve inches to twenty-four inches, square’. My intent is to get the fabric cheap-serged, in the wash, sewn up, and returned as blankets and any remaining ribbon to the neighbor as fast as possible, and use the experience to get my neglected project’s rear in gear, maybe establish an hour each day for it.

I know, I know, I’m whining. I should be glad to do this, but I kinda feel negative about it anyway. I mean, I hadn’t said I’d do it before I had the fabric in my hands, so now I feel obligated, and that’s no way to begin a charity project. Maybe showing off what a jerk I can be to the whole internet will shake my being a jerk out of my current moodsphere.

And after that, if anybody asks, I already have a service project – be glad to attend a sew-along for a day, but ongoing ? Can’t do it. 

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