Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shiny things... gosh, I love 'em !

Current Notes: This is the Mikasa crystal candlestick DMIL gave me. I love it ! One day, I'll own the other to the set, and the matching vase, but for now, it definitely adds a sparkle to some French shoes ! (GNO Rochelle's, to be precise !)

Today I read something so outrageous, I got off my round, lazy butt and did something. Thing is, I actually asked for that crap in my e-mail box, but I never thought… anyway, suffice to say I no longer subscribe to Liberty Jane Clothing’s e-mailed garbage. I was simply too inert to cancel it before, even though I really had no use for American Girl –size patterns. Well, today’s little note included the usual ‘these patterns are stupid expensive, and these ready-made doll clothes cost more than most of what’s in your closet (up to and including your wedding gown)’, nothing really that offensive. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised I put up with it this long, I hate companies who creed ‘make more money by selling fewer things and more exclusivity (and often snobbery)’ and always have.  Until I got to the part where they proudly draw attention to their latest outfit-only OOAK Euro auction, showing the authentic Coach logo on a tiny purse.

“love it, of course a doll needs a coach purse too” – Um, what ? I realize it’s only a potential consumer’s comment, but for the company to trumpet it so proudly… means they’re part of the problem, and have no issues with that. They hint that the doll’s branded purse comes from a cut-up ‘real’ one. I’m all for enjoying dolls within the limits of yer budget, but it just hit me as consumerism gone nuts – like the Barbie dolls with $50K diamond and platinum dresses – and I don’t need or want that crap in my in-box. Maybe I’m a reverse snob, but I can pick and choose what resides in my brain, and designer purses for dolls (I don’t even like them for people !) get no space.

I’m sorry. Fact is, I’ve been very bitter these past few weeks, and to avoid infecting you with it, I’ve just not written at all. There’s no real reason for me to be bitter, in fact, things are going much better than usual. But there it is. I’m snarky and short tempered, which is kind of a default setting for me anyway, but it’s a lot more brutal lately. I’ve been trying to keep my snark to m’self these days, with DM and DFIL around, and doubly so since Dearest Son picks up on it, and I think it’s now bursting out of my seams. I need to find a place to go be snarky where it won’t hurt anybody. Maybe a coffee shop…? Is there a time and date for ‘open mike bitter rants’ anywhere local?

At least the day wasn’t a total loss. I finally got all the color printing I want to do at the Library formatted and loaded on a USB drive, like they said I should, and it’s waiting for our next trip. Should be soon, as the book I’ve been waiting for is now waiting on hold for me. Yeah, it sounds silly, but I’ve been meaning to get those images ready for *months*, and actually getting it done is a bit of a lift.

While I was at it, I backed up my musings, my patterns, my embroidery designs, and my photos. I need a bigger USB drive ! But at least it’s done. I haven’t backed those up since April ! 

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