Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yow, I love that suit on her !

Current Notes: Careful, she's a squealer ! Says so right on the package. 

Another quiet morning. Dearest Son’s doing well with his new medicine, and I can still taste McRib on my back molars. We bought extra for Beloved Hubby’s lunch, so hopefully he enjoyed it ! A wasp got in the kitchen, and when it rested on the window, DFIL grabbed it by the wings, threw it down on the floor, and stomped on it. I was astonished – I’d never seen anyone do anything like that before. He just shrugged. Grab it by a wing, he said, it can’t sting you, and you can stun and kill it. Wow.   

Watched 13 Wishes  again – it’s kind of cute, but needs more Ghoulia. Frankly, the cast is so large now, there isn’t much time for more than four characters to do anything or have any substantial dialog, but Mattel and Nerd Corps (animation company) still seem determined to show everybody. Especially the characters with dolls in current release. I still don’t want any of the line’s dolls (unless there’s late releases of Ghoulia or Deuce), but I’m more sympathetic towards Twyla. She wasn’t as withdrawn and shy as her description paints her – she reminded me of Daria, just not quite as acerbically verbal.

I do have a bid on a doll, though. Mostly for her clothes and shoes, but not a six-scale size one. Don’t worry – I’m not restarting the Little Disney Princess collection, although I’d like to. I still miss them. No space for them yet, though.

While digging around online, I found another Wacky Packages MH parody sticker ! They make me proud in an odd way. Enjoy ‘Frankie Dollface’, the daughter of the Godfather. I kinda want to make that suit… it’s funny to me that there’s already a couple of jewelry pieces from Mattel that look like brass knuckles, so we won’t have to craft those. Can borrow the lead pipe from a Clue game...

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