Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hancock's Haul !

Current Mood : Creative - who wouldn't be, with all this new stuff ? 

Well, I finally spent my six bucks. And an additional 94c besides ! But I have 200 4mm buttons in four colors on their way to me, so I’m happy. I kinda hate that the ton of Barbie-scale buttons I already have look waaay too large on MH clothes, but it is what it is. The ones I have coming are the same size as the ones on Clawdeen’s Sweet 1600 tuxedo halter. Maybe I can sell the bigger ones…  I’ll let you know when they arrive, and if they’re good, who I bought ‘em from. I’m hoping they’re tiny and thin, as most of the Barbie scale ones are from scrapbooking companies, and are ridiculously thick. They have fourteen colors, and I’d love some springtime bright ones.

TRU did not come through, no more dolls for me this week. They said to call again next Thursday. Whew. Got to spend a few bucks and minutes at Hancock Fabrics instead, and snagged a few new fabrics – quarter-yards of glittery stretch stuff in silver, blue, and black, two new fat quarters, and some 90% off trim, including two spools of navy-with-gold-stars ribbon ! Since I bought the last of one of the trims, they tossed in the plastic spool, too. As-is, the spool’s pretty narrow, but I think I can just pop off the cardboard parts and install my own dowels, to make seating at the right height – or leave it flat and use it as trellises or something else.

Didn’t need coupons because everything I bought was already on sale or markdown. What can I say, I love getting a receipt that reads ‘Total : $13.12. You saved $14.63’ ! Even when I know the ‘savings’ are in part due to puffed up prices in the first place. At least at Hancock Fabrics, I know they did try to get $3.99/yd for that trim at one point. It’s mostly fleece that’s perpetually on sale over there.

Hoping to sew a glittery simple tee tonight, from the new fabric. Wish me luck ! 

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  1. Great looking haul! I soooo miss my Hancock Fabrics. :-(

    Can't wait to hear the button report!