Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pink dancing !

Current Mood : Joyful !

I got a wonderful gift today ! Had to take ‘the girls’ back to the Clinic of Eternal Waiting for their six-months-post-biopsy check-up. Amazingly, I got the squeezing done and we were outta there in less than a half-hour. Even got the results already – we’re fine. Everything is just as it should be in there. I have one more six-month, then I’m back on the standard yearly schedule. Whew ! How wondrous a gift of a clean bill of bust health is !

We were all in a jubilant mood, so on the way home, we ransacked old computer parts and picked up a few new, then got snacks and soda. Dearest Son now has a functional desktop computer, and he’s so happy. The laptop, while enjoyed and well-used, kinda made him uncomfortable, so when given the choice, he wanted his old desktop back. Too bad the suspected past issue – the video card – wasn’t it this time, but we used it and $120. in new motherboard goodness, and that’s all it needed. I even have to fill out a $40. rebate on that. Not sure what we’re doing with his still-damaged laptop (screen is broken), but I’m sure we’ll figure out something.

After that, we flopped around the house. I never sleep before medical appointments, so I claimed a nap. Beloved Hubby was home today, and his AirSoft order was due in via UPS, so he was excited, too. It arrived safely, and it was fun to be well-rested and watch both my guys play with their new ‘toys’.

I’m still gonna call TRU in hopes of catching the Lagoona and Cleo Scaris two-pack tomorrow, and if it’s there, it’s mine ! To be honest, though, I kinda hope it isn’t. I mean, I just got Catrine. Three new dolls in one week seems a crime somehow ! 

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