Tuesday, February 19, 2013

They're all signatures, except for Howleen.

Current Mood : Resigned.

The shaky peace with Ginger-kitty continues, and I’ve reached a total failure / surrender with Howleen’s hair. The cat’s still doin’ what she’s doin’, I just try not to get too hyper about it. Slowly but surely, she’s beginning to avoid the rest of my desk, and that’s all I can ask for.

Howleen’s hair, on the other hand…(sigh) Remember not too long ago, Mattel started making these Barbie dolls with white, fluffy hair that had the texture of cotton candy ? You may have forgotten that on purpose, it was the worst doll hair ever, and made troll doll hair look good in comparison. They weren’t made for long, probably due to complaints, because if that fiber was cheaper, we’d still have Barbie sporting it.

I was reminded of that debacle when I went to brush out Howleen’s boil-rinsed hair. Ick. It wasn’t all over wool, but parts of it were, and I had no idea how to fix it. Just straight and down, it was ugly. And redoing it with braids to add body was a total fail as well, but at least it didn’t make her hair any worse. And I was happy it was no longer poofy, too, and thank Everything I kept her bangs outta the hot water ! I’d about made up my mind to give her a pagegirl, but that wasn’t working either. It looked frayed and flyaway, and wouldn’t stay in the rubber bands well.

By the time I got the pagegirl setup out of her hair, I was halfway between ‘reroot’ and ‘buy another Howleen’, but in the end, I just pulled it back in a simple nape-neck ponytail. And I rather liked it that way. So, there she is, after Fearleader practice. I may try to do more with it later, but I confess, I’m darn near scared to try ! 

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