Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pretty kitty !

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I got to have a ‘me’ day today, and I warned Beloved Hubby I was just gonna goof off all day and not do housework. I had a new doll to debox and I couldn’t wait to get the gunk out of Catrine’s hair. I also had new patterns to try out, a bag of my favorite chips, a soda, and a whole day to play !

First thing, I got Catrine free. Only four clear elastics and two plastic head barbs this time. She came with a stand, but no brush, which is fine with me ! I must have 50 of those brushes, and I don’t think anyone wants ‘em. I can only lose two or three at a time. Speaking of brushes, her shoes have artist paintbrushes for heels ! So cute. I love MH shoes, just wish they weren’t mostly platforms. Put ‘em on a stand with some of these shoes, and they’ll tower over Barbie ! Who probably also has an eye on some of their footwear…

Was a little nervous about her shampoo, but her hair was a wreck out of the box. Much as I feared losing those curls, her hair desperately needed it ! I tell ya, I really hate it when Mattel anchors hair accent pieces to the doll’s scalp with thread. It never stays, you’ll end up brushing it out of the thread loops sooner or later, and the style hardly ever goes back right. Catrine’s side curl was like that, so I just got it over with and pulled it free, and gave her a good soft-soap warm water shampoo. I could hardly wait for her to dry.

Her tail fits like Toralei’s, and we all joked about bobbing it like Ginger’s. But I like the curl at the end, so I won’t. Her skirt, while well-made and very pretty, isn’t really made for a tail appendage. It can go under, which really pushes the skirt up higher than it should be, or between the skirt and blouse, which interferes with the fit a bit as well.

Her hair still wasn’t dry after lunch, although I was able to brush-style it a bit better. So I decided to try out that halter blouse design I drew Sunday. First one was OK, but a bit too long and too tight. Second one was the right length, but needed a bit more width to fit under skirts and close properly. Third fits well, but I think I’ll add a bit more width to the collar on the next one, so I could tuck it under on the opposite side.

So, hey ! Pretty soon, I’ll have a whole bunch of patterns to release ! I had a grand time sewing today, and I’m thinking of adding buttons to the third halter blouse, for fun. And by the time Beloved and Dearest Son were back, Catrine’s hair was dry and soft and lovely. Well, shoot. I can say it again, I’m glad she’s here. A very lovely kitty like her is always welcome at Chez Insanity !  

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