Friday, February 22, 2013

Kind of in a holding pattern...(hums along with 'Girl From Ipanema' muzak)

Current Mood : Drifty.

Well, we tried. Today, we attempted to repair Dearest Son’s old desktop computer, but it’s a DOA. Since it needed a new video card about every six months, we figured it was that again, but it seems that it’s the motherboard this time. So he’s still pigging it with a laptop connected to a monitor – he broke the laptop screen a couple months ago – but we got him a washable keyboard as well, that comes in handy. I think we’re gonna end up fixing his desktop, since that’s what he wants, but it’ll have to wait a bit longer.  

The window fighting with Ginger-kitty came to an end today, when she darted outside and noticed how cold it was. She chased a duck out of habit, then came right back in. She can care less about the window now. Since she gets her tail-stitches out Tuesday, she’s not a wounded, defenseless kitten, so we figured we’d start letting her out on demand after that. ‘Demand’ being the key word, of course. At least my eyes aren’t itching now that we’re both getting some fresh air.

I may be visiting a TRU soon – have you seen their exclusive Scaris set, the one with Cleo and Lagoona, yet ? Arrrgh, I don’t want either of the dolls ( again ! ), but I love their clothes and shoes ! Wonder if our store has ‘em yet…?

Got the new MH guys’ pattern scanned and ready to go. Had to cut the large pattern pieces' sheets apart, but they scanned faster and easier that way. Hopefully soon, I’ll get to use it ! Darn swimsuit pattern – will I ever get you finished ?

And how will I ever post it and keep it at the right size for whoever wants to download it ? Yikes. I never thought that far ahead ! 


  1. Hello from Spain: I also really like the clothes and accessories for these dolls. Keep in touch

  2. I really like that Cleo! I wonder if she's tinsel-free? That's been the kicker keeping me from Cleo. I can't help but feel the tinsel looks cheap in her hair.