Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh, Catrine....

Current Mood : Oddly pleased. 

It’s confirmed – I hate m’self. (sigh) I can’t believe I did that, but I still have no regrets. Got to go to TRU today, but despite a green sticker with ‘2/25’ written on nearly all the shelf-talker price stickers in front of bare shelves, they didn’t have squat that I was looking for. Ah, well. The only real disappointment is how used to that I am. They’re expecting a truck Thursday, and the manager said to drop her name if whoever I speak with (at around 11am) refuses to hold what I want for me. So that was nice of them.

From there, we hit the Mal-Wart nearby…where I saw similar bare shelves. Was giving serious consideration to Frankie’s Deluxe Fashion Pack when a flash of purple and white caught my eye. Yup. Catrine DeMew. Four of them, hiding behind a short wave of Dot Dead Gorgeous Lagoonas. (sigh)

I didn’t want Catrine. I’m tired of jumping through hoops, calling stores and chasing down dolls. I’m tired of being frustrated and hoping the latest line doesn’t sell out before I can get one – or the next line comes out. And I am monumentally sick of that stupid ‘race to that section before someone else buys the last one’ mentality I have to fight with every time I enter a store that sells toys. I don’t like feeling that way, and I kinda shoved it all onto Catrine, since she was the one I couldn’t find recently.

But here she was, in quadruplicate, without phonecalls or running around. I’d basically given up on her and moved on. Yet I still found m’self lining up all four – on the blank sections of shelf – and I’d barely stepped back when one seemed to ask ‘Please ?’.

You know what a sucker I am for cats. Especially when one seems to need me, I’m a pile of tuna-sharing gelatin. I had no idea the same was true for plastic ones. (sigh) As you already know from the photo, that one came home with us. Clearly, I hate m’self. I’d even bought her outfit already, so I wouldn’t buy her. Arrrgh.

I was still wrestling with my little self-drama when we stopped for lunch. Wasn’t very hungry, so I just got a Mighty Kids meal. Ever since BIL’s family was able to use a Ronald McDonald house, we like to support them with kid meal purchases when we can. Inside was a small pink Barbie doll – a ballerina that twirled on a stand. So I got a doll I didn’t want to want and a Barbie on the same day.

Tangentially, I had to look up an older doll photo, and found where I’d saved the first promo photos of Catrine. Dated July 14th. Over seven months. It really doesn’t seem that long ago. I guess it was inevitable. I kinda fear what’s gonna happen when Headmistress Bloodgood comes to TRU – I’ve wanted her just as long, and she’s not due out for a couple months yet !


  1. Hello from Spain, i like Catrine. keep in touch

  2. Hey, Marta ! I've already deboxed and washed her hair, and she's gorgeous. More photos later today ! Hope your day is great !