Friday, October 26, 2012

Well, we tried...

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Enough of that ‘heavy lifting’ thinking, it was starting to give me a headache !

Brushed out Spectra’s hair – no change, but it’s as soft and pretty as a dream cloud – and Cleo’s from their boil-perm / rinses this morning. Not much of a change on Cleo, and it may be that I simply spent time with her, but I think she looks much better. I’m happy with her as she is now, and don’t want Skull Shores Cleo anymore. Redressed her in her sole fashion, bought used and slightly altered from the same nice person I got the green doll from. I never saw Cleo’s clothes in stores – haven’t seen Spectra’s either – but I probably would have given it a pass if I had. I mean, she already *has* her mummy wrap outfit, why didn’t Mattel choose something more exotic or different for her ? But now that I have it, it looks great on her, even if it is super-short. May put some pants on under it or something later.

Found five sticker name-tags with gold borders spinning on the wind in the parking lot while I was doing laundry. Offered them to Dearest Son, thinking they’d be fun to make into diplomas, since he’s playing school with his dolls. Instead, he made them into framed photos of his top ‘students’, and hung them into the ‘auditorium’ set he was making. He’s so creative !

And I arranged a trade for the Ghouls Rule DracuLaura dress with a message board friend – soon as she lets me know what dress she wants me to make for her, we’ll swap ! I’m slowly working my way to confidence enough to share my sewing hobby, and while it’s taking forever, I feel that it’s almost time. And hey, if I can get the small things I want without spending family funds, yaaay, bonus !

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any of the elements needed cut out for the box project. Truth be told, I didn’t even pick it out until just before dinner. I know I have yards of various black fabrics, and a few hundred prints to choose from, I just wasn’t too eager to dig through it all. I was sifting through a likely dozen prints when I found the black, and that decided the print.

Now all I have to do is get over my lazy spell, and hop to it ! Maybe tomorrow, I’m tired….

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