Monday, October 29, 2012

No commandos at Chez Insanity !

Current Mood : Hopeless

Ok. I felt better today, but…I just couldn’t make m’self sew the Qi Pao for the trade today. This usually happens. I can sew for me, no problem, but when I’m sewing for someone else, I jam up something fierce. I have the hardest time even starting ! I’m so afraid of failure, or even making something that is just too easy to metaphorically rip to shreds, it’s a challenge to sew a stitch.

I did, however, find the fabric. But I was just too distracted and hyper to sew either the box or the dress, although I wanted to sew something, just to keep my hands busy. I’d noticed a few days ago that Dearest Son’s DracuLaura was running around commando – no shorts, no skirt, nothin’. At least she was wearing her issue blouse. None of his others were half-dressed, so I figured I'd stitch up a quick skirt for her. The one I made for my green CAM Saturday was easy, and I could use the same fabric for the Qi Pao, make sure I had the tension and stitches correct. And I needed some practice in jeans seams – I always go crooked.

So, there she is, with Dearest’s adorable Halloween Kitty ! It came out very well, and even my topstitching looks good. It helps that the thread matches the fabric so closely. I also got the Ghouls Rule bowl and ‘hand’ stand in the mail – my buffet is complete. Should have a photo for you soon, if I get all these projects knocked out !

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