Sunday, October 28, 2012

Swaps and exhaustion

Current Mood : Resigned

Wasn’t feeling too well today, so I didn’t even start sewing up the box. Good thing we emptied a ramen box at lunch, so I had a place to put all the pieces. I always have a use waiting when we get a ‘new’ ramen box in the house !

So I played around online and found that someone on the MH subforum was looking for the tiny black choker that came with Ghoulia’s ‘Comic Club’ outfit. I have it, never use it, so I offered…and asked what she’d like for the Ghouls Rule DracuLaura dress she had pictured for trade/sales. She said she’d be glad to trade me for the choker, but it seemed unequal to me. Invited her to take a tour of my Flickr photos, see if there was a dress or something I could make for her, to even things out.

She chose the faux Qi Pao / Cheongsam I sewed up at the beginning of the month, worn by greyscale Frankie. Black, with red ribbon trim. I was glad, because I’d been wanting to sew it a few more times, test my slightly revamped directions – but nervous, as I hadn’t touched that design since I finished it for Frankie. I’d intended to sew it today, but knew anything I touched would just go to the trash can. Ah, well – if I get to it tomorrow, put the box off ‘til Wednesday, and the ‘Boyfiends Week’ ‘til the first week of November, I can get it in the mail to her when we go to the Library Tuesday.

For now, though, I feel too icky to even make sure I have the right width red ribbon, much less dig in the bins for the black fabric. I also have to check my inventory for the white and hot pink ribbon for HooDude. With all I got going on, I don’t need to take on any more projects, but darn, I wanna do that one !

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