Saturday, October 27, 2012


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It definitely wasn’t a lazy day – but it wasn’t very relaxing either. We’d intended to hit Aldi’s first thing this morning, so I was up early after staying up late with Beloved Hubby. Got my chores done, my shower taken…and Beloved just wouldn’t stay awake ! He ended up sleeping in, that turkey !

By the time I was ready to join him, Dearest Son was awake, so I stayed up instead. Kinda futzed and puttered around before I settled down to start cutting out the pieces for my project box. Ten minutes later, when I was digging for more fleece, the girls next door came by to play. So I cut what I could outside…in the coldest Saturday since March. Thirty-eight degrees ! I had to dig out the Princess Leia hat-wig, because the wind down the breezeway was making my ears ache. I had it about halfway done when Beloved was finally up for the day, and it was shower time for my guys.

Finished my cuts – yaaay ! – when we piled into Venus-diesel for our delayed grocery run. And…she didn’t start. Diesels, what’cha gonna do ? By the time she was warmed up and charged up enough to go, it was pretty much game time, and traffic was insane before the tow-truck drivers showed for the third wave of yankings. Two-way roads were now one-way, from all the illegally parked cars, and while the tows were doing all they could, it was a total disaster out there. So we settled for picking up McDinner and coming  home.

It was still light out when supper was over, and the girls were eager to show Beloved their book reports. You remember, the ones they had to complete in order to earn their Clawdeen and Lagoona dolls. They both did well, and two ghouls left Chez Insanity to begin their lives with them. For all her earlier studied indifference, the eldest actually squeee’d when Clawdeen was placed in her outstretched hands. We all got hugs. I am more than amply rewarded. Still owe them some kimonos – I have four other projects still to do first !

As night began, I cleaned up the strings and threads and bits from my box cuttings. I used all my fleece, every bit I had. Since the fleece is all inside, several pieces are…well, pieces pieced together. Used most of my stiff fusible interfacing, too. Luckily, I keep a running ‘craft list’ of what I need in (appropriately enough !) a MH notebook I keep in my purse. Wish Aldi’s carried felt, but I should be able to swing  a trip to a fabric or craft store next week sometime.

Meanwhile, I knew I wanted to keep my hands busy, but it was far too late to start sewing up the box. So I grabbed a cutaway scrap and sewed up a skirt instead. It’s the NG Creations ‘Long Straight Skirt’ pattern, from the second set. Very simple, very well fitted – reminded me a lot of a similar pattern I had in Doll Shop Deluxe when it worked. Trashed all the DSD printout patterns during a move, then the program glitched and LivingSoft NW won’t accept my ancient code for any of the updates, so I finally had to dump it. Haven’t missed the hassle much, but it is nice to have a good slim-skirt pattern again.

I swear, I have more fun sewing stuff up and changing things around on a tested printed pattern than I do creating patterns m’self ! 

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  1. Thank you again for leading me into temptation over at NG's! I have looked through all of my patterns I received Friday and cannot wait to get started. Sadly they will have to wait a little longer as I have several sewing and sculpting commissions that need finished first. BUT I am super eager! =D

    I love your new girl, she looks fabulous in her new skirt as well!