Tuesday, October 30, 2012

And...there's a cheongsam / qi pao here !

Current Mood : Victorious ! 

I did it ! I sewed up the ‘commission’ dress ! I fussed around after Beloved Hubby’s art class and even took a bit of a nap…then decided to just get it done. And it came out really nice, too ! I always have so many ‘jamming’ issues when I have a ‘customer’ and a deadline. But I took it slow, took breaks when I got tense, and it didn’t take that much longer than it did the first time I tried this design, breaks and all. Whew. I hate that it won’t go out ‘til tomorrow, but I’m happy with it, and I’ve already sent that photo of it to its future owner. She loves how it looks – I hope she loves the actual item. It’s all packed up and ready to ship. I’ve checked twice to make sure the Ghoulia choker is in there !

Main reason I just got to it is because the Ghouls Rule  DracuLaura dress she sent me arrived today. Guilt city ! I don’t wanna open it until my trade’s at least in the mail to her. One of my next projects is gonna be to take the dress apart if I can, make it more simple and less showy. Or I may just leave it alone. I still want to try shirring without elastic sometime soon, and the dress’ bodice is shirred. Wanna see how the pros do it.

While I had the ribbon out, I checked – in addition to the felt for HooDude, I also need hot pink and white ribbon. Gonna have to watch the video again to guess how wide. I know it’s ¼” or less. Need black ¼” ribbon and more black Velcro ™, too. I use up notions fast when I sew nearly every day !

Tomorrow, I hope to sew up that long-delayed box. Glad I don’t make my ‘project’ lists too far ahead of time ! 

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