Monday, October 22, 2012

'I hate physics,' Clawdeen thought. 'And that darn weatherman that got me to wear a Summer dress today....'

Current Mood : Bouncy !

You’re either gonna be proud or ashamed of me. Beloved Hubby said just last night, he wanted some throw pillows for our new sofa. So today, when I took out trash, including the freshly stripped Coffin Bean box, I noticed two things – it’d just been picked up, and there were three nice throw pillows on top of a plastic bag of trash from another apartment. I also noted some good stoneware platters, but we don’t have space or need of those right now. Plus, I could probably snag the pillows with a bent coat-hanger, I’d have to somehow get in the Dumpster to get the plates. Didn’t even have a trash bag under ‘em to help.

So I went back to our place, grabbed the laundry detergent, quarters, and a coat hanger, and snagged ‘em. No tears, no bad smells, nothing. They went straight to the laundry room for a hot wash. Then into the dryer. We now have three new-to-us - and actually somewhat new-looking - throw pillows. While the print isn’t something I’d have chosen (just not a paisley person),  they’re sturdy upholstery fabric, Beloved loves ‘em, and you can’t beat the price - $2. in quarters !

After lunch, we hit the Library, where the newest Mercedes Lackey book, Redoubt, was waiting on hold for me. I also got a book on sewing for the home – I still need to make a cover for my sewing / computer chair. Beloved and Dearest Son also found something to enjoy, and I found a nice Pilot pen in the parking lot. And it works. !

Once home, I trimmed up one of the cardboard logos from the playset box and glued it to a craft foam glitter pumpkin. When it’s dry, it’ll go in the window with the others. While I probably won’t get the Ghoulia wig – I’d rather spend $10. to $20. on a doll or a good family meal – I’m not letting Halloween go by without something MH related in the window ! I’ll probably use another to decorate a turkey or felt stocking in the near future.

With Beloved catching a quick nap – he’d been restless last night – and Dearest happily drawing, it was time for me to sew. I let laziness decide what fabric to use. Purple thread, purple broadcloth, let’s go ! Printed out NG Creation’s second pattern freebie, the Monster Mod Summer Dress, mostly because last Christmas, I’d had so much fun altering the one-piece Simple A-Line Dress, also a freebie. I’d actually owned a dollar-store Barbie knockoff version of this dress back in 2000, mostly a slightly shaped tube gathered to a collar band, so I was happy to have the MH size.

And like the other NG patterns, it sewed like a dream. Took my time with it today, but I could easily sew it up in about a half hour, and with one or two more under my belt, that time could easily include cutting the fabric. It has a relaxed fit, but that just means you can have fun with belts, both Mattel made and ribbon cuttings tied in the back. I even used my Clover mini-iron and board ! I’ve gotten my desk so I can keep the ironing board clamped to the desk while I sew, and the iron has a place that’s out of the way and unlikely to burn me. Yessss !

That brings us up to dinner time – but I hope to sew again afterward ! I’ve gotten to where I like to sew every day, and I wanna keep it going – and get good enough to sell stuff. Hope you had a stellar day with some neat finds, too ! 


  1. Woohoo for new to you pillows! Nothing wrong with that at all!

    Clawdeen's new dress looks fabulous! Thanks to you I just bought all 3 (did you know she had a NEW one!!!) of NG's patterns! I am looking forward to sewing some up for myself soon!

  2. They were still good and you cleaned them before bringing them into your home, so I'm proud of you :)
    I like that dress.