Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh, yeah !

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M & FIL had a medical appointment today, and when Beloved Hubby came home, it was with another corkboard and a whiteboard. We got Dearest Son’s old one finally hung up, then got the two new-to-us ones up in the kitchen and our bedroom. Now I have a place for misc. papers and occasional patterns and fabric scraps, and we have a place for the family list of stuff to do.

What I wanted to do today was sew ! Wanted to shorten that gathered-collar NG Creations dress to a blouse or tunic, and see what’d happen if I replaced the matching collar with some gathered lace. With that completed, I’d peruse the skirts, see what I wanted to sew next there. Like Deborah, I have all three of the NG Creations patterns now – and next week is all about all my guys in the hall. It’s shameful how long those bloods have been in the same clothes.

The blouse went well, I gathered the neckline as directed, then cut a length of gathered lace to match the blouse fabric’s width. Sewed the lace on top of the gathers, then matched the back edges of the purple broadcloth to the cut edges of the lace, and tacked it down. Floating lace sleeves ! Went with a full-open Velcro ™ back, and then started to look at skirts.

Ya’ll know I’m a big fan of asymmetry, and part of the appeal of pattern set #3 was several skirt options – tiered, bubble, and layered – that would give me lots to play with. But today, my eyes were really caught by set #2’s layered skirt. It looked so old-fashioned yet up to date, and it also had the ‘short in front, long in back’ thing going on. The original design called for a contrasting satin finish instead of a hem, but I sewed on matching gathered lace instead. I also made it a separate, like the blouse. They may never be worn separately, but I like having the option. They look so good together, though !

I’d also really like to do that skirt again – but in pale blue with silver piping at the hem. It’d be sort of a tribute to Cinderella’s signature ice blue gown, during that scene where the magic is forming around her. I’ve always had that scene in my mind, it’s the exact sort of beautiful asymmetry I adore.

(snort) And I didn’t think I’d use those furniture pieces from the Coffin Bean playset…!

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  1. Girl, another gorgeous outfit!!! I love the look of the lace. It's a stark contrast, but it works so well! I cannot wait for my NG patterns to arrive!