Sunday, May 27, 2012

McDs and memories...

Current Mood: Confused but game.

What a mixed-up day today was ! But I learned many things, mostly because of all the mistakes…

On the neat side, my laptop plays DVDs ! I hoped it might. Watched  Blazing Saddles as I did some hand-sewing today, and it was clear and perfect. Years ago, I read this seamstress’ description of her sewing room – she had a TV/VCR player in there, so she could watch how-to videos. I envied her that, just a twinge, as my Lab was much too small. Well, now I have the equivalent of a portable theater wherever I sew. Who knew I was so stinkin’ rich ?

We packed up all the computers and headed to the Library a few minutes after they opened today. Too bad they were closed. I mean, I knew they’d be off for Memorial Day Monday, but Sunday ? They’re only open on four hours to begin with on Sundays. We weren’t the only ones confused, though. There was a steady stream of cars parking, people getting out, then getting back in and driving off. Well, shoot.

So we blew ten bucks for lunch at McDs, and I got the Blog updated and had a bit of fun  lookin’ around. Not much though – the Library’s Wi-Fi may not be as fast, but there aren’t infants screaming nonstop for 45 minutes there ! Whoo. Dearest Son didn’t scream that loud even if he was hurt, and this was just one kid, with one steady, loud, constant wail. My ears rung when we left. Found out my mouse has an on/off switch when I couldn’t get it to work there for a minute. That’s something new for me !

Once back, I noticed that my sewing machine cover had some stains on it, and I’d noted a spot on Brody’s embroidery machine cover when I took all those vest photos, too. Since I just wasn’t in a sewing mood,  I tossed both in the wash with some other necessaries. Several buttons I’d glued to KJ’s cover came off, and two are MIA, but I had others and I made sure to sew them on. Everything sewn stayed.

A sticky-back patch I had on the KJ cover came off, too, leaving a sticky mess where it was, and a nice, clean patch I could put anywhere. Using the tip Andrew_S. gave me for getting decal residue off those Fearleader costumes, I applied lots of rubbing and rubbing alcohol to the sticky spot. There’s a bit of stain remaining, but only if you know where to look for it. Besides, I made this cover in 2002. I’m surprised it hasn’t rotted away by now ! I then sewed the patch back on in a better place. I like my ‘new’ cover ! I think it’s funny that my very first try at applique – that red gingham heart – is right next to my most recent one, the ‘Goddess’ patch. Lotta history on that thing – and a lot of Hancock Fabric’s markdown buttons ! The stain on Brody’s came right out, so I’m happy. I need to embroider some more on that one, but it comes in handy for doll photos…like the vest ones !

This afternoon, I got distracted making my usual gallon of Kool-Aid a day, and only used a cup of sugar. It actually tastes better ! Of course, I’m using the Aldi’s generic drink mix packets, but I don’t remember the real thing tasting good with half the sugar. (grin) One of my Aunts used to make that stuff with no sugar at all ! Imagine a romping Saturday morning playing Star Wars with your cousins  in their backyard, then coming in for a nice snack – my Aunt was the best cook on the planet ! - and the red punch is the most sour thing you’ve ever tasted. It’s all you can do to swallow. Your cousins are drinking it down, and you can’t help but wonder if it’s only you or something. Apparently my expression was priceless, since it was the talk of the entire school (it seemed) Monday morning. Ah, memories…

Decided to start pulling a box or two a day, starting Friday, out of where they’re crammed in the storage building, and getting them ready for Moving Day ! We only have about a dozen or so, and most are books. But there’s some office supplies and bathroom and kitchen stuff out there. Although if we’ve gotten along without it for this long, we may just ditch it now, and save us the trouble later. Not to mention shaking out any bugs that may have crawled in for the winter. Beloved wrote BIL an e-mail, detailing what’s going on here, much like he laid out for MIL, late last night via his cell phone. No response to that, either. But they do have internet, I saw where both BIL and FIL updated their FaceBook pages today. (sigh)

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  1. I love the cover! It's so fun!

    Have you thought about making MH character appliques? Maybe with some original artwork instead of just the typical stock art? Chibis or something, I'm thinking... I bet they'd sell like MAD!